Creative Agency - Getting personal with your customers

Targeted cross media campaigns give marketers total control over message content and drive traffic to an online store that matches your brand's "look and feel".

In today's fragmented media marketplace, there is a growing demand for custom marketing campaigns that reach customers with personalized messages that are timely and consistent across multiple channels. AccuConnect gives agencies a powerful tool to deliver effective, affordable 1-on-1 marketing campaigns to their clients.

The software's multi-tenant approach provides great flexibility to serve a variety of clients with one powerful solution. It uses a single online interface that brings together a range of creative materials and resources.

AccuConnect includes a wide variety of built-in campaign templates, with Tecra designers available for custom work using InDesign, XMPie, GMC and Pageflex.

One major challenge for creative agencies is to quantify the value of a marketing program. With AccuConnect, you drive traffic to personalized URLs and branded online storefronts where you gather customer feedback and measure, analyze and refine a campaign's effectiveness.

Working together, cross-media marketing and VDP create a virtuous cycle as marketers raise brand awareness while also getting to know your customers better.