Technology - A platform that fits your requirements

AccuConnect was developed using industry-standard technology and software, for ease of use and integration.

AccuConnect's plug-in architecture can be extended to support any customer requirements via web service APIs. You can develop them in-house or utilize Tecra's dedicated team of experts. We provide extensive documentation and sample code to jumpstart the customization process.

AccuConnect is written in C# using Microsoft's .Net technologies and runs on Windows Server with a SQL Server database. Our Service Oriented Architecture using RESTful web services easily integrates other third-party systems. Support for load balancing ensures high availability.

Our system integrates tightly with XMPie's uProduceā„¢ engine and utilizes its web services extensively.

Design Tools
Create content with our Adobe InDesign tool. We support Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator effects, as well as XMPie uCreate, uPlan and uImage.

Output Formats
Produce campaigns in any of the standard variable output formats, such as PDF, VPS, PPML, VIPP, VDX, or PostScript.