Personalization - Easy-to-use collaborative tools

AccuConnect enables you to create 1-to-1 campaigns that deliver relevant messages targeted to each recipient's unique profile.

Content is collaboratively designed in a secure online storefront, using templates that preserve brand identity while enabling personalization. AccuConnect connects the templates to lists and other databases of customer information, and delivers the final product to composition engines which outputs to multiple channels.

AccuConnect includes a wide variety of built-in templates, with Tecra designers available for custom work using InDesign, XMPie, GMC and Pageflex.

AccuConnect enables you to view and email your proof with an inline capability. For print products, the system supports pdf and jpg proofs with an option to view multiple records. For html products, the system supports emails with option to view multiple records. Smart tags help you to pre-populate data from user profiles.

Product Search
You can look up products by traversing a tree structure or find products by name, number and description. Users can view product thumbnails and all details, including price. Our system can handle static and dynamic templates. Choose from different product categories and sub-categories.