Cross Media - Reaching customers where they live

Enhance traditional mass media campaigns by incorporating a variety of print and media channels into an integrated whole.

Digital and web-based technologies have created new marketing channels and changed the way consumers behave. To market effectively in this environment you need to reach your customers via print, web, text, mobile and email.

AccuConnect moves your marketing operation online, enabling a full suite of one-to-one communications. From personalizing and ordering direct mail pieces to customized email blasts and branded online storefronts, AccuConnect puts the power of digital into the hands of your customers.

AccuConnect is ideal for businesses that want to augment their personal print offerings, extend their reach and relevancy, and improve overall campaign results. End users and agents can personalize, edit and order marketing collaterals online, and you can be confident that all materials are fully brand compliant.

Digital communications are interactive, giving marketers the ability to gather feedback and collect behavioral data that enables them to accurately analyze campaign effectiveness.

Working together, the interactive, cross-media and variable data capabilities of AccuConnect enable marketers to send targeted messages while getting to know their customers better.